My Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives Addiction

1 minute read

It’s 11 PM on a long Friday and I can’t stop watching this show. For one thing, it makes me want to get in a car and drive to 30 or 40 cities trying all this food along the way. Tonight, on two different episodes, Triple D featured restaurants in Nashville, one a Cajun place that made their own smoked sausage and put it on everything. The second was Cafe Rakka, a fusion of middle eastern-lebanese place that had a dish that involved cooking filet mignon on a salt block. That made me want to buy a salt block. Of course, almost none of the food is even sort of healthy but I don’t suppose that’s the point.

As a general rule, Guy Fieri isn’t my favorite personality on Food Network but his enthusiasm on this show is infectious. There aren’t many shows on TV that aren’t cynical, reality or contrived. Guy seems to really enjoy this show. It’s interesting to watch his interactions with the variety of chefs. Many of them have strong personalities that stand up to Guy pretty well. Occasionally, you run into someone who seems to lack the necessary on air chops to make it interesting but Guy manages those situations pretty well.

I just saw a commercial that epitomized the current trend of playing on heartstrings, often patriotic, to sell a product. Chevrolet was the worst during the past two Super Bowls. I’m not even sure what this one was for but it told the story of how our farmers give us most everything. Of course, it was sponsored by Monsanto. Strangely, they didn’t say anything about genetically modified plants that you can spray Round Up on to kill weeds around them without killing the plants themselves. Or about how Monsanto likes to sue farmers who plant cross pollinated crops. Sigh.

One thing I’m learning about this post every day habit is that it is really affecting my writing and creativity but that by waiting to blog until late at night, I’m actually not transferring any of that discovered creativity into these posts. I think that’s Alanis Morrissette irony.