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Trying to think up a title to a blog post before it is written is exactly backwards. Oftentimes, I have no idea what a post is going to be about. I find that I stare at the title field trying to figure out what to write about instead of just writing in a discovery process. In software development, the naming of things is one of the hardest parts and something that most developers struggle with I think. Naming a blog post before it’s written is similar. If I were to create a blogging platform, the title would be last to encourage people to just write without worrying about naming it. Even Ghost, a new blogging platform specifically created to focus on writing has the title right up front. Perhaps that’s because most people who blog have something in mind before they start.

I planted more tomatoes and peppers this weekend to replace those that promptly curled up and died last week. I’m surprised that the corn, beans and cucumbers haven’t come up from seed yet especially with the rain we had on Thursday and Friday. The turnips, radishes and beets are all poking through the top layer of soil.