Fighting Through

2 minute read

I’ve been staring at a blank page for the better part of an hour. Perhaps the focus is in the wrong place. The Blerch is strong this week for some reason and I’m more inclined to consume rather than produce. Maybe it’s because I read this post about being insufferable on Facebook and got paranoid that I was insufferable on Facebook. Luckily, I know that I’m occasionally funny on FB so maybe it’s a wash. I tried to take some time release pictures of a thunderstorm just to distract me from writing and possible distract the reader from reading eventually but they were not fit for publication. Spring has arrived and you would think that with the unusually cold winter, the bug population might be held slightly in check. You wouldn’t think that though if you could see the back porch right now where swarms of mayflies and other sundry flying creatures are milling around the lights. Also, I have gone most of my adult life thinking that the correct term was asundry. Perhaps I confused it with asunder.

Almost all the tomatoes I grew from seed this year have promptly died in the garden. There are a few clinging to life but they are not in good shape. Based on some preliminary reading, I’m thinking that perhaps my grow lights aren’t that grow-y. Maybe that’s why the DEA never came busting through the door, they knew whatever it was that I was doing couldn’t possible be producing anything worth selling. The seedlings all got very leggy and had very few roots other than the San Marazanos which also all pretty much died so more roots didn’t help them much. Maybe next year, assuming we have a garden, I’ll have to invest in some better lights. These came from Home Depot and were labeled grow lights but I’m skeptical. Smart sounding people on the internet say that leggy tomatoes are the result of poor lighting. They struggle to grow as tall as possible to get light. If they are doing this even when the light is on them directly, maybe the lights are no good.

So that means I need to go out and buy a bunch of tomatoes and that quite a bit of work didn’t quite turn out so great. Still, a learning experience that maybe will lead to improvements.

It’s difficult to get 500 good words out at a time. How authors ever do it is a little befuddling to me.