Cabin Camping New Years 2019

1 minute read

We camped at Cooper Lake State Park South Sulphur Unit in Cabin #1 for New Years 2019. We stayed 3 nights, 12/29-1/1. It was a pretty weekend though cold at night. The State Park has a good park near their swimming beach that Wobbles enjoyed several days. We hiked the Coyote Run Trail two days, one that was pretty muddy. Wobbles did not appreciate the mud. The second day, she did better on the way out and I carried her back on my shoulders for the second part. That hike was around 3 miles.

We had only planned to stay two nights but enjoyed getting out of the city so ended up staying a third. Groceries at Brookshire’s for the third night were $79.32 plus $10.35 for firewood and handwarmers at Atwoods. Beer was $21 of the Brookshire’s bill.

We had a campfire all three nights. The park was loaded with deer everywhere we drove. The acorns from the fall still littered the ground so the wildlife should have a good winter.

The cabins cost $352.80 for three nights. I’m hoping to do a tent camping run some time in the spring with Wobbles once the night time temperatures are better. Coronavirus may affect that now though.

We bought a T-Shirt for Wobbles and Mara and a key chain for me. Those souvenirs cost $35.85. Lunch at Sonic on the way out was $11.44 and breakfast at McDonalds coming home was $13.37.

As I sit at this desk with the windows open on a cool spring day, writing this up 2 months later, I’m struck by how much the world has suddenly changed. Missing the outdoors and wondering what happens next.