More Postgres

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In my long suffering, ongoing battle with Postgres running locally on the Mac installed via Homebrew, I fired it up a couple of weeks ago to start on a new project only to find it again didn’t run for some reason even though Homebrew said the service was running, as it always does. I’m not even sure what I did to fix it this time (upgraded, restarted, created a db, created a user, remove the process pid file, who knows) but what I do know is that in the future, FIND THE LOG FILES FIRST.

That was the key to the solution as it always is. I don’t know why I always look for logs when I’m at work but then don’t think about it when I’m working on my own tools.

Anyway, on my current system, I can find the log here:

atom /usr/local/var/log/postgres.log

And in it you’ll (and by you, I mean future Brett) find useful information that might help debug the problem.