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Today it rained all day which for this time of year shouldn’t be that out of the ordinary but we’ve been so dry for so long that it’s a welcome change. Won’t make a dent in the lake being 13 feet low but at least the sprinklers don’t have to run tomorrow. We saw the first hummingbird of the season tonight. I’m not sure what he’s eating right now but there must be something that’s starting the migration. I put out some snapdragons last week but according to Yahoo Answers, Oracle of the internet, those aren’t good for hummingbirds because the petals are fused shut. Agastache would be better. I need to get the feeder out and filled but that didn’t happen today.

NaNoWriMo is running a camp in April for writing a novel not that I’m going to do it. Though with 3 more weeks, if I used my Lent challenge as part of that, I might be able to make some serious progress. It would certainly be better than what’s going on here these days. Missed last night with a case of the lazy. That makes 3 nights this week. Not a good week. I’ve been thinking about what to do for a habit forming exercise after Lent is up. I’ve considered 40 days of coding at least something every day which would be helpful in a variety of ways. A blog post every day results in a bunch of really boring blog posts especially when I don’t write them until I’m exhausted at 10 PM. How does one get to be exhausted at 10 PM anyway when there was no labor done today? I did cook a lot and even wrote some code. I’m trying to create an application that will read data off scanned grocery story receipts. Using that data, users would be able to see how much particular meals cost or calculate their per ounce cost across the month for budgeting reasons. That’s what I want to do with it anyway. I got a gem hooked up that will read the text off the image but it’s not terribly accurate. Curly parsley became burly parsley, curly’s meaner gym going cousin. Of course, I bought Italian parsley, they just rang it up wrong. Regardless, there are some kinks to work out. Also started looking into Clojure again this weekend, that language is really interesting and I think has powerful promise for situations where state is problematic, which is to say almost everywhere.

It’s incredible how effective one glass of wine is at making me tired. Truly amazing sleep aid.