I’ve Got Nothing

2 minute read

It’s been one of those weeks that involves 55 hour work weeks, a possessions purge that will involve most of Saturday and 5 days of allergy related misery. Today is the first day in 6 that I haven’t been a mouth breather. I think I have conclusively proven to myself that gluten, especially in the form of beer, causes me great distress allergy wise. Last Saturday, I played in the match play at Woodbridge and for the first time in 4 years, I advanced to the second round. So in celebration (and in celebration of the fact someone else was buying the beer), I had several beers. Then Sunday at about 2:30 am, the error of my ways was made clear to me by an angry allergy God who decided to start off with 24 hour of body aches and then follow that up with 5 days of snot nosed, mouth breathing misery. Combine that with hell at work and you have the recipe for not having much mental energy left on Friday night to produce literary greatness.

Tomorrow is garage sale day with the main hope of selling a washing machine and dryer that has been taking up room in the garage for 6 months. Most everything else will probably fit in the trashcan which is painful but frankly, also freeing. I’d like to have less stuff though reducing the stuff that one owns (or that owns you, either way) is difficult only because stuff seems to attract other stuff like static cling.

One of the benefits of not eating much (the mouth breathing seems to cut down on the ability or desire to actually taste things) is that two glasses of wine is enough to provide a solid buzz. I wonder if Hemingway ever had a garage sale. Probably not. I would imagine garage sales are an invention of the modern age where modern age is the last 40 years. Also, garage sales are likely a function of class, e.g. Jerry Jones does not have garage sales. Hemingway, never made of money, probably didn’t collect enough things (or dust) to have a garage sale. It’s the collecting of things that starts to restrict movement, both physical and mental, probably emotional too. We’d be better off always living with a blank slate but it’s difficult to do. Anyway, wish me luck on selling the washer and dryer. I’m listing it for $20 but I’ll take $10 if you’ll haul it off.