Pulled Pork Adobo Notes

1 minute read

I made this recipe for Pulled Pork Adobo last night and it turned out great. I thought a few notes on it might help in the future. For the adobo sauce, I used extra garlic. I also used cascabel and pasilla peppers instead of guajillo peppers since I had them on hand. Still used the anchos. I made OJ from frozen concentrate so then I had extra OJ. Next time, I’d double the sauce recipe and freeze even more of it.


I cut the meat into 1 inch cubes instead of four. This made more of a stew than pulled pork but it worked out great. The prep time for this says 20 minutes which is probably correct but the 75 minute cook time is way off. It takes more like 20 minutes to saute a 3 pound pork shoulder, then 10 minutes for the instapot to come up to pressure, 50 minutes for the cooking, 10-15 for the sauce prep so more like an hour and a half at a minimum. After the meat was done, I added a corn starch slurry to the sauce to thicken it up a little.


I ate it over a sweet potato for a good Paleo dinner. Mara ate it as tacos which were also good.


Notes for next time: do 4 inch cubes if you really want pulled pork, 1 inch to make guisado. I think I prefer the latter. Double the adobo sauce and freeze the rest since it does take some time to make and you already have the blender out. The sauce wasn’t spicy at all so maybe double the cayenne and use a japone or two or some other spicier chili.