Copping out

1 minute read

14.4 was announced tonight and it’s the first workout of the Open that I’m pretty sure I won’t finish. I posted on Twitter today hoping there weren’t any muscle ups and now there are 20. Not to mention 30 135 pound cleans which might take me 5 minutes to do. It’s been nice having 3 workouts that were totally within my range. Tomorrow will be a serious challenge.

In other news, I learned who Len Koenecke was tonight via Archer which is how I get about 50% of all my historical references. Apparently Len got trashed on a plane and was given a cerebral hemorrhage by the pilot and a passenger wielding a fire extinguisher. Of all the ways to go, that’s probably a good one. Ensures you’ll get a wiki page anyway. Archer is awesome by the way, you should be watching it if you like well written but extremely inappropriate comics. It’s on FX, what do you expect?

Not that I would ever celebrate anyone’s death but from a utilitarian standpoint, the world is a happier place with Fred Phelps dead. I’m sure his backwards progeny will carry on the fight but overall, a win for utilitarianism and peace tonight. So much hatred spewed from one man in the name of a bizarre interpretation of Biblical word.

We’re stuck in the Potemkin Economy and nothing seems likely to change that. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer until exhaustion sets in and then it’s liable to get ugly.

That’s really all I have tonight. Perhaps tomorrow will be more inspired. Here’s a picture of a cat to hold you over.