Web Hosting Fun

1 minute read

This was going to be a post about how I had a productive weekend while not doing anything from the todo list. That was until I tried to upload an image, continually got an HTTP error, decided to google my web host and see if something was up. And as it turns out, something was. Like they “announced” on March 3rd that they were going to wipe all the dri­ves and go out of busi­ness on March 14th. And by announce, I mean they put it up on their web page but didn’t bother to email anyone.

This story is a lot longer than this but since I’m already a day into web host­ing pur­ga­tory, I’m not going to spend time detail­ing it here until I get migrated to an actual func­tion­ing web host. Along with the other 3 Word­Press sites I used to host on TextDrive, once a fan­tas­tic and won­der­ful option in web host­ing that got bought by Joyent, killed, res­ur­rected and then turned out to be a zom­bie. But I digress. I’ve picked Site5 as my new host, they are located in Dal­las so if they go out of busi­ness, I can pull a Mt. Gox on them and go stand out in front of the build­ing with a plac­ard ask­ing for my Bit­Coin. I’ve spent the last 90 min­utes try­ing to get set up but looks like it’s not get­ting done tonight. They have auto­matic migra­tion but I think I’ll try to fig­ure it out myself in the morn­ing before going that route, espe­cially since my cPanel at TextDrive will prob­a­bly be dead by then anyway.

This was a pretty good week­end up until 8:30. Time to learn a new web host I guess.