On Writing

1 minute read

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to write blog posts at night. I have a few ideas but the energy required to put those ideas into coherent words seems to be lacking. If I’m going to keep doing this Lenten blog-post-a-day thing for 35 more days, I’m going to have to switch my writing times to the morning.

Today’s rest day consisted of errands, cooking for the week and a 6 mile hike. Apparently, I have difficulty with the term “rest”. I think that’s probably a good thing. We went on a new trail at Lake Lavon, leaving north from Brockdale Park towards Highland Park. It’s a fun hike especially after you get past the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center and into more of the woods. It’s 3 miles to the FM 3256 bridge. This trail doesn’t seem to get as much equestrian traffic and this isn’t as rutted up as the other one. We did see two horse riders as well as 2 people hiking. Otherwise, it was very quiet and peaceful. We saw a heron, a rabbit and a bunch of different bird species.

And frankly, that is all I have to say about today. I may try a fiction exercise in the morning as a prompt for writing. Earlier this evening I was semi motivated to write but 9:30 doesn’t seem to work the same way.